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This is our new blog. Let us know what you think. Forgive us for how boring it is right now. We have no time to spice it up at this point. But just give us some time and it’ll be the coolest blog ever. This is our old blog in case you have any interest in it. Although all the old posts have been transferred to this one and we will no longer be visiting the old one.


7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Erik,
    we are using Movable Type. I wanted to switch to St Louis Blogs because it is managed by a friend of mine and I wanted to support what they are trying to do. There are only three blogs on St Louis Blogs right now (the Wards have two) but I am hoping it will grow and become more of a public forum. Especially for seminary students.
    I also felt like Blogspot was easy to get started, but it had limitations about what you could control on your blog. Movable type is a little more complicated, but it gives me more control over what I can do with it.

  2. Yeah, I’ve heard good things about Moveable Type (but since I’m cheap, I went with Word Press). I agree on the Blogger thing, that’s why I love Word Press so much, it gives you so much more control.
    Good to hear you’re supporting a friend/cause. I hope it goes great!

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