Curried Ground Meat

Kirk and I LOVED this new recipe. It was a nice every day sort of dish with an extra umph to it that made it extra yummy. We would recommend adding more water and maybe even some peas. This would be great to eat with chapatis.
Combine and cook until vegetables are tender:
-2 1/2 C ground meat, browned (620 ml)
-1 1/2 C water (370 ml)
-1 t salt (5 ml)
-2 onions, chopped
-10-12 meduim carrots, cubed
-4-5 medium potatoes, cubed or other vegetable
When vegetables are cooked, mix separately with a little water:
-1 T each flour and curry powder (15 ml)
Add to meat and cook for 5 minutes.
This recipe came from “The Wycliffe International Cookbook” which was given to me as a gift from my older sister Rinnie when I got married with the note, “They say that the was to a man’s heart is through his stomach…” How true. Come to think of it, the way to my heart is also through my stomach. 🙂


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