A Sad Day

Ever since we moved into our house we’ve been blessed with the friendship of three sisters who live a couple of houses down.  TT, Chelsea, and Ryann.  Yesterday they came by the house to say goodbye.  The house they’ve been renting is going into foreclosure and they’ve moved.  This is the second family that we’ve connected with on our block that has moved.  We’re really going to miss the girls.   They’ve meant a lot to me as they’ve welcomed my kids and played with them so much.  I think I’ll even miss them knocking on the door all summer, every day, during dinner.  “God please continue to draw them to yourself, and send us another family to welcome to the block.”



making mosaics

making mosaics

This was week two of our club and it went off even smoother than last week.  We made beautiful mosaic pictures with torn pieces of construction paper and clipart pictures (I couldn’t draw to save my life).  Then the girls played dress-up.  I realize the benefit of having all girls is that they like to do these same sorts of activities…dress-up and pretending to be different people in a family.  I also realized that it was too much for them to do one structured activity after another, they really just wanted to play.  So after a bit we made Navajo Fry Bread.  I’ve been making it for awhile out of the More with Less cookbook and LOVE it!  It’s fast, easy, yummy, and the kids get to practice kneading dough.  Note to all: knead the dough yourself before you give it out or everyone gets sticky dough all over the place.

But in other news: I’m so thankful for racial diversity!  I grew up as a missionary kid in Kenya.  I was so shocked by the conversations about racism that hit me when I moved back to the US.  Sure, Kenya has racism but it just seemed so out of the blue to me when I moved here for college.  I am so thankful that my kids are growing up in a racially diverse neighborhood.  Well…at least our moving here has made it racially diverse.  Joanna’s “neighbor friends,” as she calls them, are all black.  Our craft club I realized today has Joanna (white), Aissa (bi-racial), and Maya (African American) in it.  I realized today that we make up the New City emblem.  I’m so glad that Joanna is learning to recognize that God has made people of all different colors and that that is a wonderful gift that we get to enjoy.