The Waiting Game

Well, we’ve finished our foster classes (9 weeks of 3 hours each Tuesday night).  We’ve got a month to relax a little and try to get all of our paperwork finished.  And then in April we’ll have two all-day Saturday adoption classes.  Then we’re done, with the easy part.  Then comes waiting.  It’s been brought to our attention several time how hard it might be for us to get a placement in the age-range we feel is right for our family.  This may mean that we have to wait for a long time.  That’s been hard on me emotionally but then I think of some who are dear to me that have had to wait a long time to conceive a child.  It has given me so much more respect for them and their patience in waiting.   We don’t know exactly what the Lord’s will is for us.  How do we know if we need to expand our expectations of “baby number three.”  How do we know if we should stick with the state system to adopt (should we look into private or international)?  God hasn’t written these answers on the wall.