Talking to Worms

The last few days we’ve had glorious weather so we’ve taken full advantage of it, spending as much time outside as possible.  The kids playing in the yard, wagon, dirt, etc.  I’ve been working on our veggie garden.  We bought some broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seedlings while in Chattanooga last weekend so I was in a hurry to get the garden ready and get them planted.  We moved one bed over (we’re trying a version of square gardening) so that the lawn mower could fit between it and the fence.  Mixed up the dirt, dug through it for rocks, glass, and other unfriendly debris (filling a large pot with them).  Then mixed in some of our compost that we “made” last year.  Then planted our little seedlings and some lettuce and spinach seeds.  The next day we did a second garden.  This one was more work because it’s new whereas the first one we actually had dug up last fall.  I was thankful to only find one pile of cat poop, not so thankful to find it with my bare hands.

But the greatest memory of it is of Joanna running over to me after I’d watched her put a worm she found in the compost (that’s where they go because as we’ve told her the worms eat the kitchen stuff and newspaper and turn it into dirt).  She came running over to me, “Mommy, I talked to a worm!”  “Oh yea,” I said, “What did you say to it?”  “I told it to eat the egg shells and turn them into dirt.”  It’s been so fun to have her involved in things like this.  She such an inquisitive little girl and has an amazing memory.  Thank you Jesus for Joanna.

Here she is spinning at her Daddy’s concert last night.

Spinning at Daddy's Concert


The Good Samaritan

Today I was privileged to be in the right place at the right time. For starters I get depressed Thursday evenings knowing I have to get up the next morning, make my menu/grocery list and go grocery shopping with my 4 year old (not too bad) and my almost 2 year old son (not always the most pleasant). But as I made my list this morning I was happy to realize that I could buy everything I needed at Aldi and thus would have time and energy to also finally go to the post office to buy stamps. I HATE running out of stamps and finding the time to go to the post office! So I went to a post office we recently discovered in a office building where we’d gone to get fingerprinted. On our way out we offered to help a man jump-start his car. Which didn’t work so we also offered to give him a ride home. (Just so you know, I only offered because there was also a woman with him. As much as I would love to offer every one I see a ride I know to be careful.) Turns out they lived a block away from several of our friends close to our church offices. I’m wishing I had invitations to our Black History Celebration to give to him. Would it be inappropriate to go back over to their house to give them one? I felt so fulfilled and joyful for the opportunity to serve. Even though it was cold and it took up time and effort, God really does give a fresh and energizing kind of joy when we serve others.