Finally…a Job

After what feels like three years of waiting and sanctification God has finally given me a job. A week ago we picked up “baby M”. We don’t know how long she’ll be with us. There’s a pretty good chance she’ll get to go live with her Daddy soon and we’re very happy for that option. It feels so good to finally feel like we have a direction to our wandering path.

We believe that God has called us into fostering and pruned our hearts and attitudes a bit over the last three years to make us a bit more capable of this job. We’ve been excited about serving in this way and now are praying that He would give us the skills needed. Skills to love unconditionally, a child not born to us; bio parents who are in enough crisis to have their child taken away. Skills to balance doctor appointments, WIC appointments, home visits, visits with bio parents, court dates…along with regular life and two other children and a spouse.

God has made my heart full.
"baby M"