Newly Inspired

We had a beautiful day at the Wintermarket.  A little chilly at times but when the sun was shiny it was warm enough to even take off my coat.  It was a wonderful environment to sell our stuff.  Rachel had a TON more for sale than I did.  I admit that I’d gone through a period of time that I felt like there was no point to making onsies/hats anymore.  But I’ve had a lot of orders lately and after doing Wintermarket I feel re-inspired.  I had received an order a month ago for a little girl whose mother was a ballerina.  This was a very fun project for me.  I got to combine three of my “old” skills with something new.  The hat and ball are crocheted.  The little girl is painted on with acrylic paint.  The leotard ? is appliqued on and then I sewed on a little tutu.  So cute and so fun (I hope it holds up in the wash).


Crochet Skirt

Joanna will only wear skirts...

Joanna will only wear skirts...

As some of you may know…I crochet. Some of you may not know that I sell my stuff. Check out my website… I made Joanna this skirt last year and she wears it all the time. I can’t believe how many complements we get when we’re out. So I thought I ought to make some more and see if I could sell them. They’re going for $30 each, you can even pick your own colors. I’ve got one finished and another one on the way.