Biological Clock

Yes, my “biological clock” has been ticking away. I have to resist the urges to steal my friends’ babies. Kirk got me a couple of cats to snuggle and cuddle but somehow, as wonderful as they are, aren’t enough. Kirk and I have decided to adopt. We’re going through the state of Missouri which means we won’t have to pay the adoption fees (a huge sigh). Right now we’re going through the STARS foster classes, every Tuesday for 3 hours for 9 weeks. After that we’ll take 12 more hours of adoption classes. Then we just sit and wait to see who God brings into our family. We’re open to kids between the ages of 0 and 5 and hopefully even a sibling group of maybe 2. We’ve wanted to have four kids so why not provide a home where some siblings can stay together.

I’ve found that I’ve gone through many emotions similar to those I went through in having our biological kids. We decided several months ago to adopt but had to wait for the classes to start. It felt like we’d decided to get pregant but wanted to wait a little longer for the sake of timing. Now we’ve started classes and I find myself fearful that there won’t be kids out there that fit our desires (which we feel are from God). It’s like feeling fearful that I won’t be able to get pregnant. But it all leads me to pray and learn to trust in the Lord’s timing and wisdom in how and were He leads us. I can’t wait to know my next kids and start figuring out what life is going to look like. Kirk wants a baby. Joanna wants a twin sister. Sam is oblivious. I’m not really sure what I want, like a true middle child I just want everyone to get along. 🙂

Pray with us!!! We realize more and more how much prayer we need.