My Summer So Far

Time is changing and I feel like my life is in waiting. This summer has been full of social activity and fun. Running in the early morning with friends. Weekly get-togethers with fellow Christian sisters. Crocheting and embroidering.  Weeding and planting in the garden. Sweating outside so we can play with neighbor friends and host a Bible Club. Frustration, anger, joy, and laughter with the kids. And waiting…waiting for God to make me like Him…waiting for a call from our adoption specialist…waiting for the heat to pass…waiting for the house to be clean. God please help me to be satisfied!


Every Artist Market

Hey all!  My friend Rachel and I will be setting up a booth this weekend at the Every Artist Market to sell some of our wares.  Come on by and check us out.  For a little preview you can look on our website:  But come on by for a larger range of products.

Newly Inspired

We had a beautiful day at the Wintermarket.  A little chilly at times but when the sun was shiny it was warm enough to even take off my coat.  It was a wonderful environment to sell our stuff.  Rachel had a TON more for sale than I did.  I admit that I’d gone through a period of time that I felt like there was no point to making onsies/hats anymore.  But I’ve had a lot of orders lately and after doing Wintermarket I feel re-inspired.  I had received an order a month ago for a little girl whose mother was a ballerina.  This was a very fun project for me.  I got to combine three of my “old” skills with something new.  The hat and ball are crocheted.  The little girl is painted on with acrylic paint.  The leotard ? is appliqued on and then I sewed on a little tutu.  So cute and so fun (I hope it holds up in the wash).


Rachel Patrick and I will be sharing a table at the Skinker-DeBaliviere Wintermarket on Saturday December 5th…that’s THIS Saturday.  Come on out and support us and other local artists.  The market is open from 11:00 to 4:00.  We did it two years ago and had a wonderful time and are looking forward to participating again.

New Items for Sale

I have a few new items for sale in my LittleKnots shop. And a few more are on their way…a dung beetle (“waste not, want not”) and an owl. Then I plan to find a new hat pattern for cooler weather.
But here’s a funny conversation with Joanna. We generally eat cold cereal for breakfast. Granola for me and Kirk and Joanna rotates between granola, Cheerios, and cheerio seeds (i.e. Grapenuts). On the back of the Cheerio box are pictures of some of the largest animals/birds and some of the smallest. Did you know that the pygmy shrew is only 2 inches tall…”that’s as big as Mommy’s thumb,” I tell Joanna. Also, a baby giraffe is 6 feet tall when it is born, “that’s taller than Daddy!” Joanna proceeds to point to the whale and says, “Mommy, the whale is taller than you!”

Little Knots Advice

3fish (4).jpg
I need some “consumer” feedback on my website, I have decreased the number of products on the main page to the three most recent (two of these are brand new and very cute). Other products can then be found by clicking on the appropriate link on the right sidebar. But here’s my questions…do people actually click on those links? would it be better to list everything on my main page?
Second, I keep a short blog on my website which I hope to write in once a week…even something short. But then I also can post “articles” on my main page. Do the main page articles clog up the space and make it confusing? I plan to use the main page articles for promotional information while the blog link would be more personal.
Thirdly, any advice on how to get my products out there even more. Right now I mostly sell to people I have directly connected with. How do I grow that circle? I do have an Etsy shop but what else is out there?
Lastly, I hope to start sending out a short mailing (via e-mail) ever few months. If you would like to be added to this mailing list just leave your e-mail in a comment or if you don’t feel comfortable with that e-mail it to me:
Thanks all of you for your input. It helps with my indecisiveness.

New Items

Are you tired of hearing of my business? I hope not. I’ve uploaded a couple new items onto my Little Knots website that you should check out. I’m really excited about the “paper people” T-shirt. The next one I make will feature one person being a little different than the others (i.e. a funkier fabric) with words such as “dare to be different” or “be yourself” or some other such clever saying. Give me a better idea for the saying and I’ll give you the shirt for $5 off!!!!!
I promise to write an entry about myself soon.
Paper People