Every Artist Market

Hey all!  My friend Rachel and I will be setting up a booth this weekend at the Every Artist Market to sell some of our wares.  Come on by and check us out.  For a little preview you can look on our website: LittleKnots.com.  But come on by for a larger range of products.


Newly Inspired

We had a beautiful day at the Wintermarket.  A little chilly at times but when the sun was shiny it was warm enough to even take off my coat.  It was a wonderful environment to sell our stuff.  Rachel had a TON more for sale than I did.  I admit that I’d gone through a period of time that I felt like there was no point to making onsies/hats anymore.  But I’ve had a lot of orders lately and after doing Wintermarket I feel re-inspired.  I had received an order a month ago for a little girl whose mother was a ballerina.  This was a very fun project for me.  I got to combine three of my “old” skills with something new.  The hat and ball are crocheted.  The little girl is painted on with acrylic paint.  The leotard ? is appliqued on and then I sewed on a little tutu.  So cute and so fun (I hope it holds up in the wash).


Rachel Patrick and I will be sharing a table at the Skinker-DeBaliviere Wintermarket on Saturday December 5th…that’s THIS Saturday.  Come on out and support us and other local artists.  The market is open from 11:00 to 4:00.  We did it two years ago and had a wonderful time and are looking forward to participating again.

Little Knots

While on our Christmas vacation I spent some time talking to my brother-in-law, Erik Hersman, who is a web-person. I say “web-person” because I am not one and thus don’t know the ins and outs and lingo. Anyhow, he is also a great businessman and gave me great advice about my business as well as helped me set up a new shop: Little Knots. We, meaning my huge family and I, tossed around many ideas: Stitchables, Knots for Tots, Lil Stitches, We Be Stitchin’, etc. Check it out. I’ll have more stuff on there later as I find the time to post it. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or more importantly, need to buy something to warm up a little kid.