Our Family is Growing…Maybe

The following letter says it all…We’re getting a baby, maybe.  In adoption there is always a chance that things will fall through.  But we’re planning as though it’s gonna happen so we’ll be ready if it does.

Dear Family and Friends,

We are happy to announce that we will probably be expanding our family in the next couple months.  We were chosen last week by a woman to adopt her baby boy.  He is due to be born in May.  We are so excited that God has given us this opportunity to serve this woman in her time of need.  We are also so excited that we get to have another baby.  Praise the Lord for providing us with a child so quickly.

In fact, He has provided the child quicker than we were able to save up the money needed.  I had planned to work (I babysit full time) through the end of May.  This would have provided us enough money for the remaining cost of the adoption process.  Now I will only be working through the end of April.  We still need a few thousand dollars.  We are planning a fundraising concert for the end of April and saving as much as possible.  And praying, that God would provide the rest.  Would you be willing or able to help us financially?   The picture above is a blanket that I have been crocheting.  Each square represents someone who has financially supported our adoption.  We would love to give you the opportunity to support us, this special baby, and his “first mommy.”

We need prayer: for patience, for finances, for wisdom to love this woman who is giving us her child.

The baby needs prayer: for health, safe delivery, and a smooth adjustment to our family.

The birth mom needs prayer: for health and strength through the remainder of her pregnancy, for peace about her decision to give us her child, for God to draw her to Himself.

If you would like to support our adoption financially let me know.  Let me know if you have any other questions too.   (salajean@gmail.com)

We love you all.

Sarah (for Kirk, Joanna, Sam, and “baby #3)

Feel free to also check out our adoption profile: kirksarahadoptionprofile.wordpress.com.


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