Passing the Time

This week a “staffing” will be held where a panel of about 12 people will determine who will become a forever family for a little boy we are interested in. We are one of the 4 families being looked at. I feel so excited, anxious, peaceful, overwhelmed. God is faithful. A wonderful woman was at my house yesterday and reminded me that God knows what will happen in the future. That there could be something years down the road that would make us a bad choice as a family for this little boy. So maybe we wouldn’t get picked and wouldn’t understand why…but God knows. I am so thankful to serve a God who is in control and is so loving of me to care for me. He’s given me much peace. If we do not get to be this boy’s family I will be VERY disappointed but I know that I can trust God.

So in the meantime I’ve spent the week taking care of a friend’s little girl. It’s been wonderful! I’m too busy to dwell on the decisions of Friday all the time. Joanna and Sam have had a blast being big siblings. I am SO proud of them and how much they’ve helped by playing with her, feeding her, getting her toys and pacifiers, etc. I think they’re gonna do great adding another member to our family when the time comes!


2 thoughts on “Passing the Time

  1. We keep on asking God to give this little boy to you, knowing that whatever happens it is because He cares for you and him.

  2. Was just praying for you guys regarding this little boy. How crazy (and exciting) to think I might become an aunt again in the next couple days! So glad we can participate via prayer.

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