Romans 12 Challenge

This past Sunday our pastor challenged us to read Romans 12 every day this week and pray over it and ask God to show us how we can offer our bodies as “living sacrifices.”  No, I didn’t read it every day but I do plan to try to read it more this week and pray through it.  A few thoughts I already have, some are my own some are my pastor’s.

* v.1 talks about all of this is in light of the mercy of God.  What an awesome God we serve that in our sinful, rebellious state he would send his very own son to suffer and die on the cross so that we would have the opportunity to be in relationship with a holy and perfect God.  Without the death of Christ we have nothing to bring to God.  WOW!

* v.2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of you mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  A lot of people want to know some sort of specific will that God has for their individual life.  Barry, my pastor, said, “This chapter is God’s will for your life.  Whatever your place in life is isn’t the main issue, it’s whether you are living and serving God as it’s laid out in this chapter and in the rest of the Bible.”  I’ve realized a lot lately how sometimes our whole mind-frame has to be adjusted.  Some things in the Bible are so radical that to be able to follow Jesus really means doing the opposite we’d naturally do.  Love your enemy.  If someone takes your cloak, give them your tunic too.  If you have extra food/money/shelter, give it to someone in need.  In v. 16 Paul says, “Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly (my Bible notes say ‘…give yourselves to humble tasks’).”  That’s some CRAZY stuff!

* So often I want to know God’s will…should I marry this man…should we move to St. Louis…should we buy this house…should we adopt, if so, what age, what level of difficulty, private, domestic, international, through the state…etc.  But really, to change my point of view and ask, “Am I serving God, will moving in a specific direction lead me to more serving, more using of my gifts. ”  If that is my main question all of the other questions will be more naturally answered.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the fear of making a wrong decision that we’re paralyzed and end up just sitting there consumed with ourselves and doing nothing for the kingdom of God.  And in so, we miss out on the joy of loving others and following Christ.

Well, my kids rest time is over and I have to “release” them and make some bread.  Thanks for listening to my rambling and helping me to process.  I hope to process more on here later this week.  Here’s a picture from this morning for fun.  My cat Paka found this poor bunny in the lot next door.  Yes, I did rescue it.


2 thoughts on “Romans 12 Challenge

  1. I like your thoughts. I think I’ll go read Romans 12 and keep checking it out this coming week. I have a feeling God lead me to this post for just this reason.
    P.S. Nice to see you at the art show!

  2. thanks, Sarah. Dad and I just finished reading Romans. Now I need to go back and read it again!?! WOW, the mercy of God–that alone just blows my mind. Why me? Why us? When Dad and I were praying this morning I was feeling overwhelmed by the love and mercy God has shown us through saving our kids and blessing us with them. Keep blogging–I look forward to reading more.

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