Celebrating in the City

Yesterday was Kirk and my 6th anniversary.  Hard to believe where the Lord has taken us over the last 6 years.  We were married on a beautiful day in Chattanooga, surrounded by family, friends, and beautiful tulips.  Since then we’ve moved to St. Louis, had two kids, bought a house, and are currently pursuing our next children through adoption.  God has been so good to me.  I could never image a better husband, friend, and father for my children than Kirk is.  What a godly and humble man he is.  A wonderful example of loving me as Christ loves His church.  I love you Luv!

Yesterday was not such an idillyc day as our wedding day, but just as joyful and meaningful.  I spent the morning with my kids and several neighbors cleaning up our back alley.  I am so thankful for Carol and her friendship (not to mention the many plants she has given me).  She has lived on our block for 51 years (since she was 3)!!!!!  Yesterday I also met Ed who has lived here even longer as well as another couple who has two young children.  Have I ever said that I LOVE my neighbors on my block!

Next Kirk and I went to Chase Park Plaza to watch “First Date.”  All I can say is HI-LA-RI-OUS!!!  Then it was off to Bowood plant nursery for afternoon tea.  This is a way cool nursery in the Central West End, though it give the impression of rich snootiness.  Unfortunately we’re too poor to buy anything there but still fun to see the plants.  I wish that there would be something like that in the city that would actually be somewhere where regular city folk could actually come in and feel welcome.  We looked like everyone there but on the inside we felt very different.  More on this later…

Home again it was to go down into the basement just in case the tornado hit our house.  We had some rain come in the front windows and a bit in the basement but nothing major.

In case you’re interested, we’re done with our adoption classes now and just have to finish up our home-study stuff.  Tomorrow we meet again with our adoption specialist to find out what else needs to be done.  We’re trying to be excited in a very patient way.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating in the City

  1. It was a special day, six years ago. Kirk has been a great son-in-law as well and we are very thankful to the Lord that he is a part of our family. Also, so glad you love your neighbors (and they love you). That’s what God calls us to be…neighbors.

  2. HA! I LOVE THIS PIC! I haven’t visited in a while, but I am so enjoying EVERYTHING on your front page. Forgive me for having too much in the noggin’ to remember all the comments I’ve been storing up~ACK! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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