Sick Sam

Whenever one of the kids gets sick Kirk gets stressed out and sympathetic and sad for them.  Not me!  Not that I like to see them sick but there are some wonderful benefits.

1. Snuggling: Neither of my kids have been that much of snugglers.  But when they are sick they like to sit on my lap and lean against me and get hugs.

2. Sleeping: I selfishly miss those days of two two-plus hour naps.  I had time to exercise, do my devotions, do work, bum around on the computer, etc.  Not now.  I get one free hour a day.  That’s enough time to maybe do one of the above things.

So, sorry Sam that you’re sick.  But thanks for snuggling with me, falling asleep in my arms, and letting me get so much done as you sleep your cold away.  And thank you Joanna for also falling asleep and giving me over an hour of a completely silent house.  Ahhh, thank you God for hearing in my complaining heart the need for this day of quiet at home.OK, so it’s not a picture of either of the kids sleeping but isn’t he handsome anyway?


3 thoughts on “Sick Sam

  1. snuggling is the best, isn’t it? thanks again for hanging out with me over thanksgiving…..and i’m so sorry i didn’t realize it was your birthday!!
    ps that’s a really great picture at the top of your blog page!

    • no prob amy. i had a wonderful time with you which was all i wanted for my b-day 🙂 i’m glad you like the picture, it’s a view from our 3rd floor. i’m trying to have pictures of my neighborhood with each change of season.

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