So much to do…

grannysquare hat 032.jpg
…so little time. I feel so overwhelmed these days. Wake up…take a shower…feed the Sam…feed the family…change diapers…do the laundry…wash the diapers (I really do love my cloth diapers)…change diapers…feed lunch…nurse the baby…put Sam down for 3 naps…put Joanna down for a nap 3 times before falling asleep…drink tea…change diapers…make dinner…clean up the house…drink more tea…have my devotions…change diapers…send Joanna out to welcome Daddy home…change diapers…re-heat tea…eat dinner…do chores…relax with my luv…eat ice cream…sleep. There are some things that you may noticed don’t get done like dressing the children, doing the dishes, exercising. We’re stressed out a lot these days about our house-buying process. But this anxiety forces us to humbly turn to God for peace and wisdom. And God, as always, is faithful to lead and to guide and to give peace. And to give joy. Though my life may seem mundane sometimes or frantic, I love my family, I love my job as mommy, I love my job as cook. I don’t love my job as house-keeper but such is life.
Which brings me to the original purpose of this blog…I love my job as craftser (sp). I plan on going to visit my parents in London next spring and have enough money saved for my ticket…Sam will be free…my mom will pay for Joanna…and your orders will pay for Kirk. πŸ™‚ Above is a picture of our beautiful daughter and my new hat design of the season. This hat is selling for $25, pick your own colors. I’m still making my design from last year with the earflaps, which is especially good for babies who like to take off their hats. And of course onsies…
Which brings me back to the real original purpose of this rambling blog…I did a tutorial for my onsies and you can now view it on Whip Up. Give me lots of great comments. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “So much to do…

  1. Always remember “The Lord is the sure foundation for your times!” Isa. 33:6. You’re gonna make it. Did the second bid come through?

  2. Hey, Sarah, I always tell folks that I thought that three children was easier than two. By the time I had three, one was old enough to entertain a sibling while I tended to the other one. One was old enough to set the table or get me a diaper or run other errands. The older ones also played together, then they all started to play together and it was time for another one… Love, Aunt Meg

  3. I didn’t mean to imply that because I had three children, I got to sit around all day and eat bon-bons and watch soap operas. I fell into bed exhausted each night for a couple of hours until the baby was hungry again…just like you do. But somehow, in the morning my “strength” and energy “was renewed like the eagle”. God provides for the situations in which He puts us. Enjoy!! It’s soon over and the kids start lookin’ out for you, I find.

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