Muddle Puddle

Profile PicSo my blog format has changed which is good because things were getting messed up anyhow. But now I have to refigur some stuff out. Right now I am working on getting my little bios of my family on the left sidebar. Next I need to try to put up my LittleKnots and Etsy shop links. So I uploaded this photo for my profile shot and now just have to figure out how to get it where I want it. Can anyone guess what children’s book the title of this entry is from? I’ll give $5 off any onsie/shirt/hat/jinggle ball you want. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Muddle Puddle

  1. thanks for stopping by my blog. If you bake the bread, make sure you do the last step, the one of rolling it out, it makes a HUGE difference in the final outcome, makes the bread lighter

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