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I need some “consumer” feedback on my website, I have decreased the number of products on the main page to the three most recent (two of these are brand new and very cute). Other products can then be found by clicking on the appropriate link on the right sidebar. But here’s my questions…do people actually click on those links? would it be better to list everything on my main page?
Second, I keep a short blog on my website which I hope to write in once a week…even something short. But then I also can post “articles” on my main page. Do the main page articles clog up the space and make it confusing? I plan to use the main page articles for promotional information while the blog link would be more personal.
Thirdly, any advice on how to get my products out there even more. Right now I mostly sell to people I have directly connected with. How do I grow that circle? I do have an Etsy shop but what else is out there?
Lastly, I hope to start sending out a short mailing (via e-mail) ever few months. If you would like to be added to this mailing list just leave your e-mail in a comment or if you don’t feel comfortable with that e-mail it to me:
Thanks all of you for your input. It helps with my indecisiveness.


11 thoughts on “Little Knots Advice

  1. I think your main page looks fine. I’d definately keep the items on the mainpage down to 3. If you make the sidebar links bolder, or a different color that might make people click on them more. Or create a link that’s big and obvious that says “For More Click Here” or something like that.
    I use my website’s little blog just to post updates on new shows. I think your main page has enough info on it and it’s great the way it is.
    Etsy has forums that are interesting and little chat rooms that I really don’t get into, but they have a neat thing that people can grab images from your shop and they scroll up the side. It’s a great way to get other Etsiers to notice you just by bumming around on the computer. The forums might have more info as far as promotion.
    I think what is REALLY important, and I still haven’t totally mastered, is GREAT pictures. Taking pictures of your item that shows it perfectly with the best lighting. People want to click on a nice picture. That takes a lot of time, at the perfect time of day. You’ll find the best background and lighting at your house, and use that spot over and over.
    Your designs are wonderful Sarah! Keep those busy fingers going!

  2. I think Katiek’s advice about the make the links more obvious is an excellent idea(by adding color or making the type bolder). I would also put the “Welcome to Little Knots” above the “Free Shipping” and “Jingle Ball Rattles” headers.

  3. I wonder if there could a place to make comments. I’ve bought several and would love to promote them by mentioning how cute they are or the reactions made by those I gave them too. Keep up the great work, Sarah. You have come a long way and they just get cuter and cuter.

  4. I think its important to use cute kids as models, so people will buy things because they they their kid is cute and so this should work for them, or so their kid could be as cute as the model. Now where could you get some cooperative cute kid models?…..
    Also, comments on your work, shipping, etc. are helpful to people, like they find on EBay, to know from someone besides you that this is a good product and you will get it to them on time and in good order.
    If you want people to check out other products us a heading that catches them, like “Want to see more fun things for kids?” or “if you think those are cute, check out these!” or something like that.

  5. I can volunteer my cute baby…I think you once had an idea that if someone buys and sends you pictures with their child in the onesie, they get a discount on the next purchase, I think that helps because people will see more kids in the onesies and will want to buy.
    I think another way is to promote traffic to your shop through your blog maybe, but having a contest or a promotion of some sorts, just having something that make people click your blog and then it makes them go to your etsy shop
    Referrals too help, if your current customer refers someone who buys, the current customer gets a discount on their next buy, you probably already do this.

  6. i just notice that you have a suggestion to click on your photo album for more pictures but it’s not listed in your links on the right column…

  7. Sarah – I’m so impressed by the onsies you’re making (and the hats too, but since I live in Florida I gravitate towards the onsies!!) I didn’t realize what a gift for creativity that you have.
    I think the close-pins are a really cute way to display the onsies in pictures – they would probably look better with a darker background with the white onsies so they stand out more. The pics you took with them outside on a clothesline where also cute.
    I agree that I’d just keep 3 things on the main pages and then make the links stand out more. I also think that a way to comment on the onsies would be great. The free shipping for a picture is great – the more pics with different kids the better. I’d also put the “welcome” first.
    On the “more designs” page, is there a way to put 2 pictures next to eachother so there’s not so much empty space? I also noticed that not all the onsies you’ve made are on there – especially if you can post a couple across each row, you should post them all cause they’ll give people more ideas of ones they can order.
    Is there a way to have a feed available for your blog (so people like me who use google reader – or something similar – can be recieve it automatically when you update the blog)? If so, then you can also post little blurbs on your blog about “new product” and then link to it on your home page and people will see the new products and remember about you and maybe order again.
    I know that one way that Erik increased traffic on his blog (especially at the beginning) was just reading other related blogs and then commenting on them. Then people would read his comment and follow the link back to his blog and check it out. So maybe you could try getting on some other crafts/mommy/st.louis blogs and then comment with a link back to your blog.
    Periodic mailings to all your customers that you have email addresses for are good – just keeps you on peoples’ radar screens.
    What about discounts for bulk orders? Like a dollar off each additional onsie or something?
    Your little stories for each product are great – it makes them more than just a product!!
    Keep it up, and I’ll try to get you some more pics of my friends in the onsies you made for them.

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