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I keep a journal for each of my kids…how strange it is to say, “kids.” I thought I’d share a bit about why the name Samuel is so special to me. It’s a family name from Kirk’s dad’s side of the family which I think is awesome but that’s a different story that maybe Kirk will tell sometime. I’m going to talk about the other reason I love the name Samuel. Actually, I’m just going to copy out what I wrote in Samuel’s journal b/c I’m in a rush and need to straighten up my house before my in-laws arrive. πŸ™‚
Samuel means more to me than just following family tradition. I had a pretty hard pregnancy with you. I was really nauseous at the beginning, and a little nauseous the rest of the time. I also struggled a lot emotionally. During my pregnancy I was in a women’s Bible study. Some of what we studied was about how God provided for the Israelites on a day-by-day basis (while in the desert). And in the “Lord’s Prayer,” Jesus taught us to pray and ask God for our “daily bread.” God taught me, through your hard pregnancy, to rely on Him for what I needed one day at a time. And that God promised to always give me what I needed for each day…and He was/is faithful. I learned to pray so much more. This is why I love the name Samuel because it means “heard by God.” God hears our prayers – what a privilege to be reminded of that by my son’s name!
So my grammar is not perfect and the flow is non-existent…that’s how journals are supposed to be. But you get the point, God is so amazing that He listens to the prayers of these tiny, insignificant, selfish people.


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  1. Amen Sarah. I’m glad listens to insignificant selfish people or I would be completely lost. There is something truly incredible about knowing God hears us, and not only hears us but DELIGHTS in hearing us. Thanks for sharing from your heart.
    You know, I wonder if one day Samuel will ask to read the entries you wrote about him. I know my sister and I love to read what my mom wrote when we were little. She has a little book of all the funny things we did and said as toddlers that Heather and I adore.

  2. Sarah, that’s so cool. Thanks for sharing that meaning behind Samuel’s name. It reminds me of how we were going to name Meredith “Zachary” if she was a boy, because it means “the Lord remembers” and that was how I felt during my pregnancy – that the Lord was remembering us even though our life circumstances then were so hard. But then she was a girl, and we love the name Meredith (even though the meaning is insignificant.) πŸ™‚

  3. Very nice, Sarah. I have yet to have a really tough physical pregnancy, and I wish I had been around to help you with yours. My close neighbor and friend had the worst pregnancy I’ve heard of and I just thank the Lord that mine were so good and that her son was born healthy and joyful. May little Samuel bring more joys day after day. I can’t wait to meet him πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks, Sarah. Sometimes I’m just amazed at how big God is, hearing our daily prayers and answering them no matter how little they may seem compared to Him. I love the name Samuel even more now. I feel so privileged to have been there with you. I hope it isn’t too long before we are together again.

  5. um… i think samuel’s head is on sideways. πŸ™‚ are you guys gonna call him samuel or can i start calling him sam?

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