Samuel Paul

Samuel Paul Ward arrived at 1:42 am on Wednesday, March 26th. He weighed 8 lb 2 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. We went into the hospital around 2:00 pm on Tuesday to be induced. After a long boring day of “laboring,” boring because I decided to get an epidural earlier than I did with Joanna (I waited until I was in excruciating pain). Around 1:00 a.m. we (Kirk, my mom, and me) were sleepy so turned off Fellowship of the Ring and took a nap. Fifteen minutes later the nurses came in to check on me because the baby monitor had slipped and wasn’t picking up Samuel’s heartbeat. Then put one on his head and the nurse decided to check my progress…I was fully dilated. So they wheeled in all the delivery stuff (I labored, delivered, and recovered in the same room), called the OB and I did a “practice push.” My OB arrived, got herself ready and we did a real push which welcomed Samuel’s head into the world and on the next contraction welcomed his body. I guess those kegels really do work. 🙂
Our recovery is going well. I hardly tore at all. My mom is here to do all the work she can and give Joanna all the attention she can. Samuel’s doing awesome. He sleeps a TON! The first night home was rough, the next night he woke up twice and last night he woke up once. Who knows what tonight will bring.
Thanks for all your prayers.


4 thoughts on “Samuel Paul

  1. Glad the delivery went well…I was so excited for you that I called Linda at the office to tell her you guys were going to the hospital!
    Loving the photos…With Joanna I thought she looked just like you right away, but with Samuel, I am seeing a lot more Kirk. I’m curious what you see.
    Blessings to you rest and enjoy your family!
    P.S. My sister Andrea has 4 kids and thanks kegels for the quick delivers of her last two. She wasn’t very faithful doing them with the first two.

  2. Hurrah for baby #2 – it’s so much easier than baby #1!!! I can’t wait to meet Samuel, and see the rest of you, this weekend.

  3. Sarah-
    I’m so happy for you all!! Congrats!! Sorry I rushed out on Friday. Can I come by again sometime soon?

  4. Beth has created a collection of all the Samuel Wards all the way back to Samuel Dennis, my great grandfather. We’ll bring it with!

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