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As long promised…a personal blog entry. I’d like to say that life in the fast lane is slowing down. Last week was my last week of watching Maddie Eisenbraun one day a week. Next week will be my last week of Monday night girls’ Bible study (anyone interested in taking my place?). Although with these things coming to a close I have increased my OBGYN appointments to once a week. Kirk’s life is also slowing down. His responsibilities in South City are slowing down and choir season is slowing down.
Today I went to my doctor and she said that I’m 2 cm dilated (that’s 2 of the 10 you have to be when you begin the “pushing” phase of labor). So that was a good shock to get me moving to get ready for the birth of this baby. He’s not due for another 4 weeks but will be considered full term on Friday. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for an early delivery, I could be dilated at 2 cm for 5 more weeks before going into labor. But it’s definitely given me a kick in the maternity pants to register myself at the hospital and figure out exactly what we’ll do with Joanna when I go to the hospital…who would like to be called in the middle of the night for “Joanna duty?” My labor was induced with Joanna so I have this fear that I won’t have any idea when I’m going into labor. Any tips from fellow moms?
I’d also like to write some more about things I’ve been thinking through: What should worship look like for me with a toddler? What should I expect Joanna to behave like in church? What’s acceptable and what’s not? When Joanna gets older, what are the pros and cons to children’s church? I hope to write more on this later and would love some feedback.


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  1. You will get so much advice about all these things 🙂 But without writing another blog post for you in this comment box I’ll try (TRY) to be brief. Water breaking is awefully convienient, it’s a good sign that getting the hospital in the next few hours is important. That happened with Jos. With Eden I did the count. Keep the time. Look at your watch when you get a contraction, write down the time and then write down how long they lasted. I think the books tell you how long to do it before you consider it active labor/call your midwife. I called my midwife and then labored at home for 6 hours. It’s no picnic but it was nicer to walk on my sunny deck than in a hospital. Keeping track really helped and then when I was really tired of the contractions we got ready to go to the hospital. I was really glad I waited because they hooked me up to ice-cold antibiotics for the next 6 hours. I think I would have been fine waiting even longer. And I had Eden with no epi and am very thankful, it was a wonderful recovery and bounce back because of it. Much easier nursing experience too. Ok, I’ll comment on the other stuff when you post about it 🙂
    I can’t WAIT to meet my new nephew!! Yeah for boys!!

  2. Good questions Sarah. Although, I don’t have wisdom, I will be praying for you. And, as Katiek said, “yeah for boys!!”
    P.S. I’ll be praying for an early delivery!

  3. Wow – 2cm? Whenever I reached 2cm, I was only a few days away. But of course, it is always different with everyone. I never had trouble knowing I was in labor, I always had trouble knowing when to go to the hospital. But I am sure you will know you are in labor. As Katie said, when you start having regular contractions, start timing them. They will probably feel like Braxston Hicks at first, but they will be more regular. You may start having them regularly, but they are not intense, and they may stop for a few hours. I think the books say that they should be 4 or 5 minutes apart and about 1 minute long for 1 hour, before you should call your doctor and head to the hospital. I like to stay home as long as possible cuz I hate hospitals. But you may want to be there longer – so that will play into when you head to the hospital as well. Remember, though, that they say that your 2nd kid is usually a quicker labor than your first. So things may progress faster than you think (that is what happened with me).
    Sorry for the long comment!

  4. Hey Sarah…I found your blog through the Nolls. I think we’re due only days apart! I’m expecting baby #3 on March 23. When is your due date? Easter babies! Hope you’re feeling okay….I’m so sick of being pregnant….and awkward. 🙂

  5. Me! Me! Me! You can call me in the middle of the night… we’ll even come over to pick her up or stay with her until she wakes up if it truly is the middle of the night.
    Oh my, I remember having to do that with Madeleine… calling the next-door neighbor at 3 a.m. to come sit/sleep on our sofa for a few hours! 10 years ago!!

  6. There’s a great little book called Parenting in the Pew by Robbie Castleman. You might find some good stuff in there. The subtitle is “guiding your children into the joy of worship.” It was one book that helped our church decide what their approach to Children’s church should be. I’m looking forward to chatting more when I come. As for being 2cc’s……as much as you want to have this baby, please wait for me!!!!!! jk….but it would be great to be there. Am praying often about the timing of it all. Love, Mom

  7. The parenting at church thingy is something we’ve just come to an understanding about lately. I intended (after waiting SOOOOOO long for them!) that my kids would be with me in the pew hearing the word and, well… being with me! What I didn’t realize is the great gift of time with peers to delve into scripture that my boys would get in those church realted, age-appropriate groups. I’m now a huge supporter of SS, CC and BS because they give my boys a great base for Christian counsel… Lord willing, for years to come! Best wishes for your labor (early and easy) and birth (remarkably tall/thin baby). 😉

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