New Items

Are you tired of hearing of my business? I hope not. I’ve uploaded a couple new items onto my Little Knots website that you should check out. I’m really excited about the “paper people” T-shirt. The next one I make will feature one person being a little different than the others (i.e. a funkier fabric) with words such as “dare to be different” or “be yourself” or some other such clever saying. Give me a better idea for the saying and I’ll give you the shirt for $5 off!!!!!
I promise to write an entry about myself soon.
Paper People


5 thoughts on “New Items

  1. Very cute – I really like them. You should post the frog shirt you made Coriena – I think it’s the cutest ever!!!

  2. I think “It’s OK to be different” or “Jesus Loves Even Me” could be cute. I’m still thinking. I wonder if the hands and feet could connect so it is a string of people. What do you think? Love, Mom

  3. I’m glad you kept your blog! I thought it was gone after you started Little Knots. How are you feeling?
    I have a scheduled vacation in early April, but we may need to make a trip earlier. Keep us posted.

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