Little Knots

While on our Christmas vacation I spent some time talking to my brother-in-law, Erik Hersman, who is a web-person. I say “web-person” because I am not one and thus don’t know the ins and outs and lingo. Anyhow, he is also a great businessman and gave me great advice about my business as well as helped me set up a new shop: Little Knots. We, meaning my huge family and I, tossed around many ideas: Stitchables, Knots for Tots, Lil Stitches, We Be Stitchin’, etc. Check it out. I’ll have more stuff on there later as I find the time to post it. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or more importantly, need to buy something to warm up a little kid.


2 thoughts on “Little Knots

  1. The site looks great. I gave away the elephant onsie today, and will be giving away the lady bug next week. The ladies thought it was really cute!!

  2. “Little Knots” looks classy. I like how you gave the Masai design explanation. You know, photos are a big draw for a lot of people, so I wonder if putting more photos on the main page would be beneficial? It might be a nice way to show off the variety you offer in each category. I’m not sure how many you would want displayed on the main page–maybe 3 for each category:a girl onsie (such as bubbles) and a boy onsie (like the shark) and a gender neutral design (the peas)? That might be kinda neat.
    P.S. I’m praying these last weeks of pregnancy go by fast. Did you know Jane’s due in two months with their 2nd boy? Crazy!

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