Why I Rarely Blog

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The house is quiet, Joanna’s napping, Kirk’s at work, and all of our company has left. I’ve put off writing an update for long enough. I’m just starting month 5 of my pregnancy and God has graciously taken away most of my morning sickness. I’m still weary and like to take a nap or at least head for bed no later than 9:30. My belly has begun to “pop” out and in two more weeks we’ll find out the gender of our baby.
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Two weeks ago we spent about 5 days down in the Chattanooga area so that Kirk could play with his dad in his James Ward Homecoming Concert at Covenant College. It was a wonderfully crazy time of being with family, seeing old friends, and attending homecoming events.
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The following week Auntie Anna came to stay with us while she attended CCDA. She was gone a lot but had extra days before and after the conference to hang out with me and run around with Joanna. It was great to have her here over the weekend while Kirk drove back down to Chattanooga for his grandfather’s memorial service.
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Anna left on Monday, Kirk returned on Monday, and my parents arrived on Monday. There were here for about 3 days of crazy fun. Joanna has been on such a high from all the company. She finally said “Granny,” though she usually called my mom “Grandma.” We shopped, we sat around chatting, we helped “Baba” build a cover for his truck, and we watched “Pride and Prejudice.” It was such a refreshing time with my mom to talk about stuff going on in my life, I’m so thankful for such a wise and godly mother. So, I’m pretty wiped out now and miss time alone with my hubby. I’m glad it’s the weekend and we’ll get to catch up.


3 thoughts on “Why I Rarely Blog

  1. It’s was a great time for me too, Sarah. I loved being with you and just having some time to talk. Of course, being with Joanna was a very special gift. Love, Mom

  2. My gosh you were busy Sarah! When life calms down a bit, I would love to have tea to catch up. It’s so hard for me to stay connected to people I love. 😦
    P.S. Amanda and Craig had their baby; she came to church yesterday. She (Lucille) is so little! As I watched Olive interact with her baby sister I started to think about all the little kids with infant siblings at New City–there are a lot! I started thinking about Joanna meeting her new sister or brother, and it warmed my heart. Hooray for siblings!

  3. I’ve missed talking with you lately – we need to catch up soon. I hope you had a good weekend with Kirk, and could catch up together. Can’t wait for Christmas!!!

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