New Babies

It’s been a rough past few months of frequent trips to the bathroom to relieve my nasea, much time spent horizontal (in bed or on the couch watching Looney Toones with Joanna), and not much work getting done by me. But I’m almost through the first trimester and feel like the morning sickness and exhaustion are lessening. We’re really weary…all of us. I’m not good at asking for help or being helped. Kirk’s tired of doing all the dishes all the time and having a sick wify. Joanna’s tired of Mommy not being energetic. But God has been so good to us and sure has taught me a lot about the importance and gift that prayer is.
This is our other new baby. Well, not this one exactly, but this is it. We got it yesterday and are SO excited!!!


6 thoughts on “New Babies

  1. I’m so glad you’re staring to feel better. And hurrah for your new van – I’m so jealous (of the van, not the morning sickness!!)
    Love to you guys, Rin

  2. Nice to keep up with your life lately. I was wondering when I’d see this most interesting announcement. :0) We do so miss you guys!!!!

  3. I’ll echo Rinnie and say that I am not envious of the morning sickness. I can’t say that I relate that much, God has been good to me with not too much grossness either time. That van rocks!! I am so proud of your discipline to save for that car! It challenges me to start saving for big stuff. Look forward to seeing you guys, I hope you have a good trip.

  4. I really am sorry that you have been feeling so sick. But you know, since you have been more sick this time, it may be a sign that you are having a boy! When will guys find out (or will you?) That looks like a great van, you little soccer mom! We hope to be getting a van soon (well we kind of HAVE to if our entire family plans on leaving the house together once our baby comes). Any suggestions on good ones?
    Hope to see you guys in October!

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