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Life’s been crazy, thus no blogging lately. But this week has been wonderfully normal. I’ve managed to roll out of bed to exercise each morning, I’ve changed my routine to have my devotions during snack/tea time even though Joanna is awake (she butts in now and then but we pray and sing together at the end which is so special). This results in two entire hours of nap time that can be used to get work done. Wow, I never realized how long two hours could be (except when playing soccer with bad shin splints and going into over-time).

I’ve been thinking so much lately about discipline…and “reproof” and how that fits into the life of a 1 1/2 year old. How much can she understand? What is she ready to learn? How do I reach the heart of such a little, bitty girl to show her that throwing a tantrum is sin and not coming when I first call her is disobedience? Is she too young? Do I expect too much of her?

I’ve also been spending time on my business. I got a huge-to-me order last week. Three sets of matching onsie, hat, jingle ball. But thankfully two of the onsies are an easy design and I already had one in my inventory. It was fun to crochet again…makes me look forward to winter and making Joanna and new winter hat. I also received a onsie order from my mom for my cousin whose wife just had a baby (the onsie is pictured above). It’s so fun to create and try new things. I feel like I have so many ideas of things I’d like to try. Which reminds me…I’ve started a new blog for the purposes of sharing craft ideas. I welcome any and all fellow crafters to join in the authorship of the blog. (It’s under construction now and will be receiving a new name and awesome banner designed by Neil. But check it out anyway and let me know if you’d like to join us.)


5 thoughts on “Roar

  1. I like the lion – and was checking out your other new-ish designs. I’m so impressed by your creativity!! Great job!!

  2. Looks great, Sarah. I’m glad you went with just the head. Wish I could see it on our new great nephew. Thanks for putting it in the mail for us. LOve, Mom

  3. i just wanted to say that these onesies are awesome. i wish i had kids to put them on. i never knew you were so creative in this way.

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