Hot Fun in the Summertime

Memorial Day BBQ

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Yesterday we spent the afternoon eating delicious BBQ and an assortment of sides in the backyard of the Josh and Jeremy Hennings. It was the NCF-St. Louis worship team BBQ. We got to listen to great live music put on by the band and various brave vocalists. Joanna of course had a blast…there were tons of people around. Every once in a while I’d spot her accross the yard and go over to ask her if she was having fun…she would mearly turn and walk away. Isn’t that not supposed to start until she’s a teenager? I’m glad she’s so outgoing and friendly, though I’ll never be able to quite understand or relate.

In other news…I started a FaceBook account for anyone who’s interested in becoming my friend.

In still further news…would any of you NCF crafters out there be interested in starting a craft blog with me to share our ideas?


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