Rough Times

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This is how I’ve felt much of the weekend. I found out on Saturday morning that a friend of mine from church (not a really close friend, but more than an aquaintance) had a daughter that passed away. She had twins a few months older than Joanna and one of them died and the other is in the hospital recovering from a combination of asthma and pneumonia. I honestly just can’t understand why God would do something like this. It seems so unfair to put the family through it. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’d make it if something were to happen to Joanna…I know I could only make it through by God’s grace. I know that God loves my friend and He is so much wiser and so much more loving than me. Pray for my friend, Tasha, and her family.

Kirk and I spent a week in Chattanooga two weeks ago. It was crazy time with my family (my parents, youngest sister, brother and wife, and oldest sister and her three girls) and with Kirk’s (his parents and his sister and husband and two kids). We got to spend a lot of time with everyone. I was able to have a wonderful breakfast with one of my best friends from college (who’s expecting her first baby) while Joanna happily played on the dirty floor eating cheerios she dropped and gravel she found. It’s fun to talk about “mommyhood” with an expecting friend…especially when Joanna is being well-behaved rather than uncontrollable. We were able to go to the wedding of some very old friends of mine. The bride’s family went to Kenya with my parents 27 years ago. The grooms parents were friends of my parents in college and we were his guardians while he was in boarding school in Kenya and we always went of family vacations together (they had 5 kids the same ages as me and my siblings). It was so much fun to be with such old friends. And I got to dance with my hubby. Joanna had a blast of course and danced and played into the late hours of 9:00 or so. Now we’re home and trying to get back into normal life which has been lonely for Joanna. She loves people and being around them makes her want to be around them more. Unfortunately she spends much of her time with me and being around people makes me want to be at home alone more.

All you mommies out there…and those of you who know mommies. We were in Chattanooga on Mother’s Day and Randy Nabors preached an excellent sermon at New City – Chattanooga. We would HIGHLY recommend listening to it when you have the time.


3 thoughts on “Rough Times

  1. I’m glad little Joanna was well behaved. We’ll be praying for Tash and her family.
    P.S. I think it’s great how social Joanna is; that part of her personality reminds me of my sister’s daughter Brynn.

  2. It was great to talk today. I’m praying for you and for Tasha and her family and for Holly, too. Love you!!

  3. Joanna’s face just makes me scrunch all up too. I’m so sorry about your friend, Sarah and will be praying for her and you and all others effected. When a friend here lost her new born baby the man who spoke at the funeral said that we must rejoice with the child….she is with Jesus and won’t face so much here on this earth. But, it’s never the one who died we are concerned about….so I will be praying for the Lord’s comfort. Looking forward to skyping again!!! Love, Mom

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