Hammerhead Shark

I have a few more designs out there…and would welcome any new design ideas from you all. Just leave them in my comments.

I was excited to try something new, something for a boy. I wanted to do an ant but ended up with a shark instead. The shark made me happy and it turned out that as I was working on it Kirk turned on the TV and there was this whole documentary about sharks. So awesome!

If you have an out of town family or friend who you want to send a special gift to, I wrap all I sell in nice tissue paper and yarn and will personalize a Joanna-designed card to send along with it. Check out my shop on my sidebar.


2 thoughts on “Hammerhead Shark

  1. OK, they are all so cute I want one of each….JK, but I’ll have to think about ordering a few more just to have on hand. I need to send something to Eleanor (Jeremy’s new little girl) for starters. I like the bubbles one and the shark turned out great! Love, Mom

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