S & J in London

S & J in London

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Joanna and I are currently in London. Here we are, Wednesday afternoon about to leave the house for Joanna’s biggest adventure ever. We will be here in London visiting my parents for two whole weeks…two weeks without Kirk, how will I survive!?!

Our flights went well. The first flight was a couple of hours and I thought I’d die after the first. It’s hard to hold a squirmy 1 year old on your lap for 2+ hours in a squished “quick jet” full of business men. The second flight went better thanks to a little benadryl and the fact that someone with a handicap was sitting in the only seat with a bassinet (the flight attendant gave us a three seat row to ourselves). I slept on and off, Joanna zonked the whole time.

We’ve had a wonderful two relaxing days so far. Taking lots of walks (my butt and legs are sore), getting caught out in the rain twice in one day, feeding my parents fish in their garden pond, not cooking, not doing dishes.

The first night, Joanna woke up as I was going to bed so I put her back to sleep. She woke up again at 12:00 and wanted to play. So I followed my sister, Rinnie’s, example and laid down in bed and let her play on the floor. After about an hour (I’m estimating here b/c Joanna played with my watch and I didn’t know where she put it) she was sleepy again. Then we slept in until about 8:30. The second night she woke up again as I was going to sleep but I was able to put her back down and we slept till about 8:00. Then last night she woke up around 4:30 but got herself back to sleep. Yipee! And we slept in until 8:00. Ahhhh, I LOVE sleeping in (Joanna usually wakes up between 6:00 and 6:30).

Check out my Flikr for more photos over the next two weeks. I’ll try not to disappoint you and will try to blog more to include you in on all the fun.


3 thoughts on “S & J in London

  1. I’m so glad Joanna is adjusting so well to the time change. I’m jealous – wish I was there with you guys. Love you, Rin

  2. Joanna’s SO cute on your luggage bag!
    I pray London continues to be restful. Feeding fish in a garden sounds more than wonderful!
    P.S. I totally thought you were saying there was a handicap man with a bayonet on the plane-I was picturing a World War 1 vet sleeping with his weapon at his side, till I realized the word was “bassinet”. Sheesh!

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