Veggie Onsies

Veggie Onsies

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A Chatt friend requested this design. It gave me the idea of doing other veggies with the words “More ….. please.” I think veggies like brocoli, asperagus, etc. would be funniest. These onsies cost only $15.00 each. If you order two I’ll throw in a jingle-ball for free! Sarah’s Shop.


3 thoughts on “Veggie Onsies

  1. SO cute! I assure you, when I have little ones they will be decked out in Sarah Ward apparel (especially in little homemade sweaters like the one Joanna had on yesterday).
    P.S. I love the irony of YOU stitching “give peas a chance”–I’m imagining you and your siblings launching them at each other like little grenades.

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