Baby It’s Cold Outside

Clothed in Scarlet

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Winter isn’t over yet! You may be rebelling in your anticipation of spring, but meanwhile your head and ears are freezing. My earflap hats are on sale on my Etsy shop. All prices are reduced. I will make you any color, design, and size you want. Infant hats (with a jingle-ball included) cost $12.00 ($7.00 for just the hat). Children’s hats are $12.00 and adult hats are just $15.00. Don’t hesitate to order today, the sooner you order, the sooner your ears will be warm. Do you still have a problem with spending the money? Don’t worry, winter will come again and you can wear the hat next year.


3 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. They are so cute – I love them. Too bad I live in Florida, where the coldest it has been is in the 60s!!!

  2. Sarah, the picture of you and Kirk is absolutely beautiful. How can I get a copy????? Wish it was cold enough here to buy a hat from you but it just isn’t. When I find out if my friend is having a girl or boy, I’ll order a onesie though. Love, Mom

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