Crazy November

NAIA Nationals

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The last few weeks have been CRAZY fun. I finished the 27 hats for my sister, Anna’s, soccer team on the 9th. My parents arrived on the 15th. On the 17th my parents, Joanna, and I drove over to Olathe, KS with my brother, Wil, and his wife, Amy, to watch Anna’s soccer team play in Nationals. Wow! She’s an awesome goalkeeper. They lost their first game but it was so exciting to see her in action. My older sister, Rinnie, and her youngest daughter, Coriena, were also there with us. We hung out all day Saturday in Olathe since Rinnie didn’t leave until the evening. We went to a stagecoach stop place and the girls got to see some real live animals. They weren’t really all that impressed with them but really loved playing in the washtub we found. On the 22nd Anna arrived for Thanksgiving, we went to the zoo and celebrated our birthdays. Thursday we had yummy turkey and then pie in the evening with my cousin and his family and parents. My parents left on the 24th which meant no more giving Joanna to them in the morning and going back to sleep. Anna left this morning. I’M EXHAUSTED!!! Kirk leaves early tomorrow morning to go to Philly to do a conference with Dad Ward. I plan on spending as much time in seclusion as possible. Check out my Flikr account for a few more fun photos.


6 thoughts on “Crazy November

  1. The pictures you posted are great, especially the one of Coriena and Joanna in that metal tub. Oh, and the one of you all of you on the bug was really neat!
    P.S. I can totally see you as Robin. Hes a solid superhero with lots of compassion, but wont let people push him around.

  2. I love your update… sorry for the loss at Nationals, but it sounds like the rest of the weekend and holiday made up for it.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. great pictures sarah! the one in the washtub is so cute. your hats are also really cool! have you been working on any other knitting projects?
    ~ claire

  4. i’ve been working on all sorts of “handiwork” stuff to sell for some extra cash. i did the crochet hats for the soccer team but have been making them for kids originally (check out my shop at i’ve also been embroidering onsies like the ones on my flickr account. it’s been a lot of fun for me.

  5. Great pictures, Sarah. although your November was exhausting…it sure was fun!!! I’m so glad we got to spend a good part of it with you. Could you email me the picture of Anna with Joanna and Coriena? Thanks. Love you, MOm

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