Hat Hobby

Hat Hobby

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I’ve had two orders for hats and two onsie orders. All of which were made from family members. Oh well. I’ve really enjoyed crocheting these days and hope that one day I will make an “outside the family” sale. But if not, I’ve still enjoyed myself. There’s something great about creating something out of nothing…well, out of yarn. Creating something that you are proud of and feel good about, something of quality. I wonder how God felt when he created the world. It must have been wonderful!

Anyhow, I’ve put a few more hats in my Etsy shop. Remember, if you want to special order one, I can change it to fit your desires. Each children’s hat comes with a ball. There’s my sales pitch, not very good, but I’ve never been good at selling myself. One of these days I hope to figure out how to put a permanent link to my Etsy shop on my sidebar. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.


6 thoughts on “Hat Hobby

  1. Hey, can I get one for a two year old and one to match for a 28 year old? Like a momma and child combo (I could give estimates)? If so, I’d buy the set for Heather and Brynn. I tried to knit one like that, but think that crocheting lends itself to a cooler, knobby look.

  2. Sounds good. Hey who are you on the Medieval test? P.S. I’m made your brownies last weekend. So yummy.

  3. The hats are very cool, and I like the momma/child combo idea. Mmmm.
    And I took the medieval test. I was a shepherd. Double mmmm.

  4. I’m excited to get the hat, and to show it off and give it to Pam. Can I order two boy onsie too – maybe 3-6 or 6-9 month size, and then a 9-12 month size (for Kim’s baby) – whenever you have the time. I can even get it from you in Chattanooga. Thanks, girl.

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