A Mind of My Own – by Joanna

What does a lion say?

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I’m writing this entry about myself for once, not Mommy writing about me. I have a mind of my own and my own ideas and want to share them with the world. So now that Mommy has finally fallen asleep (she only cried for 4 minutes) I’ve pulled myself up to the computer and I want to tell you about Mommy and my trip to the mall yesterday.

We went to the mall to get my picture taken at Picture People for a picture contest and because Mom could get a free picture with a coupon. I slept the whole way there in the car, it’s great to have a chaufeur to take me wherever I want to go. But you know what, I wasn’t really in the mood to have my picture taken. I know you all think I smile a lot, but yesterday I just didn’t feel like it and that’s what I said to the photographer. I just sat there. She tried and tried to get me to smile and even had this bright colored feather-duster thing that she waved around in my face and tried to tickle my toes and neck with. What’s up with that!?! Just because I’m a baby people think they can be all in my personal space! But it’s alright, because I showed her that I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want to do. I got to take some fun pictures with Mommy though. I smiled for those so that we could get one of them to give to Daddy. I think Mom was a bit bummed because I wasn’t behaving better so I did give her a few good smiles in the end. She wanted a good picture of me because she thinks I’m the cutest and could win the contest.

But enough of that. After the pictures were done, whew, I felt so happy and smiley and talkative, we went wandering around the mall a bit. Mommy has a pair of crocs that she loves and so she stopped to look at the flip-flop crocs at a free-standing place. I thought they were pretty cool too so I grabbed myself a pair of orange and blue ones in honor of my Auntie Anna who is the best goalie in the world and plays soccer at Covenant – we’re hoping they go to Nationals this year so I can go see her play in Kansas City. I was pretty pleased with my choice of shoes and Mommy and I kept walking on (well, Mommy was walking and I was hitching a ride in my stroller). I was really enjoying my new flip-flops and was about to put them to the ultimate test, the Taste Test, when Mommy grabbed them away from me. She said that I couldn’t just take things that didn’t belong to me and then she made me take them back. Oh well, at least she let us sit down and gave me some yummy “puffs” to snack on before we went home.

PS. Do you like the picture of me? This is my new smile, Mommy and Daddy laugh whenever I do it so I guess it’s funny or something.


8 thoughts on “A Mind of My Own – by Joanna

  1. Joanna – You are one funny little girl! I wish that you lived closer so that you could be friends with my boys. Oh well – you will just have to come visit often.

  2. Joanna, this is your Granny speaking…..Next time, smile for the picture people lady and at least let her think she’s making you! She could lose her job! And by the way, I’m glad to see you’re learning to use the computer. Write to me sometime, ok. I love you, Granny

  3. Oh my goodness! Your picture is so funny Joanna! And its nice to hear things from your perspective. We adults tend to forget what life is really like for the young! 🙂

  4. Hi Joanna,
    Your smile is stellar and your mind…well…I quite cleaver! Bugger mommy didn’t let you taste your crocks. When my husband, Jacob, was a youngling, he thought his dad’s boots looked like chocolate, and was found several times attempting to give them a good taste.

  5. Oh heavens no! I meant to say your mind was “clever” not a “cleaver”! Being clever, I bet you knew that already.

  6. Hey! So, I’m guessing your not so cool with me knocking you over to give you hugs. I’ll try to remember that “personal space” thing next time we’re together.
    When you smile like that, you look just like your daddy.

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