Worn Out

Worn Out

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Joanna had her 7 months and 1 week appointment this past Monday. Her pediatrician, Dr. Rice, is a teaching doctor so after her measurements were taken by the nurse an intern (I’m not sure exactly what he was) came in to do her exam. Joanna was a real trooper to all the poking and prodding. I hope she was able to help the doctor-to-be learn some valuable things. First, don’t give the baby your stethoscope to “play with,” even if you have cleaned it off. It’s more a matter of will you ever get it back. The risk of the baby screaming while the stethoscope is in her mouth is high which could result in ear damage if the ear piece end is in your ears. Second, a baby sitting on the exam table, covered with such delightful sounding paper, will not sit still to be examined but would rather play with the paper. Third, speed is the key in all parts of the exam, especially checking the ears and nose. Pin down the baby if at all possible. And don’t even bother trying to get her to open and say “ahh” for the tongue depressor. Fourth, and last, experience is the key. There were many questions that he just didn’t know because he just hasn’t been doing it for long. I felt bad because he kept having to say he’d have to ask Dr. Rice. All in all though, I though he did a good job and Joanna was a total champ and didn’t fuss at all. I was glad to be able to provide a happy patient. After the intern had checked her out Dr. Rice came in and she was examined all over again. Then the nurses returned and poor Joanna had to get two immunization shots. She cried a little but stopped soon after Kirk picked her up and even gave the nurse a big smile. And after all of that, we had to go and have her blood drawn to test for lead based paint. They stuck her in the arm and had to take about 1 teaspoon of blood (though it looked like a lot more than that to me). Can you believe it, she didn’t even cry. Then a couple days later I got a call from Dr. Rice’s nurse, “The lab dropped the vial of blood and they’ll have to draw it again.” Kirk figured it was really a vampire that liked baby blood. So we just got home from the hospital. This time they did a finger prick and squeezed the blood out. She whimpered a little but was fine. Hopefully this is the end of the saga for a couple months.


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  1. He he…I love it! She is SO dag-nab scrum-did-a-lee-umchus! I can’t wait to hold her little stethoscope gobbling self!

  2. i love her hair. that’s quite a story. one of the ladies on our teams has a 1 yr. old and she’s obsessed with paper too. she walks around during our team meetings and takes all our song sheets to crumple up. i can’t wait to meet joanna.

  3. What an experience for little Joanna! We have to get those vampires out of the hospitals! Thanks for sharing!

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