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Well, I was sitting in my new papason chair (I kept trying to call it a “papadon chair” but knew that wasn’t right, it brought up too many pleasant memories of eating at Indian restaurants) crocheting a baby blanket thinking about how I ought to write a blog entry but I just couldn’t think of what to write about. So I thought I’d give you a little history of myself that most people in my new home of St. Louis don’t know.
Kirk and I have been trying to loose a little weight for quite awhile now. We’ve been making slow adjustments to how we eat and how we exercise. All this with the wonderful benefit of no longer gaining weight but not really losing any either. So now it’s down to business…we started our stricter exercising 6 times a week and we’re going on the South Beach Diet starting on Monday. We’ve been exercising about three times a week, Kirk would jog and I’d walk pushing Joanna. But now we alternate between running and pilates. This means that I get to go running three times a week (my only time completely alone). I hate running in general, but the last two mornings alone have been so wonderful. I think it’s in my blood. All this to say, “I’ve been reminiscing lately about my days as a college athlete.” My quads are killing me and I can’t walk normally again. Sad that’s what I get just for jogging for 20 minutes. I played for the women’s soccer team at Covenant College for four years. We had to be able to run two miles in something like 15 minutes. I could never do it though; I was always more of a sprinter. But I played halfback for two years and somehow could run pretty much constantly for a full game (90 min) plus warm-up (30 min) and overtime if need be (30 min). We had to get to school a week early for soccer camp which would usually mean 2 or three practices a day. All I could think of doing in the off time was stretching and drinking water. Ohhh, the pain. We joked about how when school started you could always tell who were the soccer players, we walked funny and had shin guard tan lines. I had hardly any social life, got yelled at a lot, and only ever scored one goal. But it was wonderful and I miss it when I think about it.
So, if any of you know where I can find a team to play on or come out and kick a ball around with me for fun that’d be awesome. I hope to be able to get into coaching one day. I’ve already started with Joanna. I think I’m gonna train her to be a keeper like her Auntie Anna.


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  1. I’m proud of you guys for exercising and eating better – getting older (and therefore easily fatter 🙂 ) sure is a bummer.

  2. Hey guys! good for you! I do love the South Beach. The turkey chili and salsa chicken are very good! I’m sure you have a plentatude of recipes, but let me know if you’re feeling stumped, I might pull one out of a hat. Oh, yeah! The lentil stew is great, really the only lentil dish I like (that’s not indian).
    As you probably know Sarah, as long as you nurse you should keep a little extra weight on. But Joanna obviously is not suffering. And it probably will be the vuluptuos kind of weight ;). I mean nothing more than 5lbs really. I did the South Beach and I could lose another 5 to 10 but my body just said stop! It hit a plateau. When Eden starts nursing less I’ll do the SB again. I’ll think of your excersizing and dieting while I’m lying on the beach, biking on the beach, eating brie and drinking red wine. We need to take you guys next year! Enjoy feeling and eating better
    ok this is too long!

  3. Sala, I would love to kick a ball around with you…well…after my running wounds heal.
    Katiek, I went on your blog and just wanted to say AMAZING! Praise God for color, and gifting people to create with it!
    P.S. The SB mashed potatoes are yummyness.

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