Chatt Trip

Chatt Trip

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Kirk, Joanna, and I got back from a 5 day trip to Chattanooga to visit my family. A great time was had by ALL. Yes, all these people are in my family and two are even missing. It was so great to be back with my family. We spent most of our time hanging out around my parents house, playing with the kids, and eating yummy food that I didn’t have to prepare. Please check out our Flikr account for more pictures.

An introduction to my family. My parents (far left and right), Paul and Liz, live in London. My oldest sister (third from left-in red), Rinnie Hersman, is married to Erik (in Kenya right now) and they currently live in Orlando though they hope to move back home to Kenya in the near future. They have three beautiful girls: Lauren (sitting with my mom) is 4, a definite first born, and loves to talk. Meredith (in Rin’s arms) is 2 and loves to wear as little clothes as possible. Coriena (the baby in purple) is 3 1/2 months old and loves to smile. Next in my family is my brother Wil (4th from the right) and his wife Amy (in white). They live in Murphy, NC where Wil is the youth director and coaches as the local school. Amy loves soccer and horses and is a perfect fit for our family. Then comes me. Meg is two years younger than me and lives in Tanzania where she teaches history at Haven of Peace Academy. She belongs in Africa though we miss her TONS! My youngest sister is Anna, holding Coriena. She’s a senior at Covenant College, an awesome goal keeper, and hopes to be her neices’ favorite aunt.


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  1. Dear Kirk and Sarah,
    I love looking at your pictures! My how Jo has grown! SHES BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
    You sound like your doing wonderful.

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