Steak Marinate

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It’s been a long time since I put a recipe on here. We got Kirk a grill for Father’s Day and celebrated by grilling steaks. We had a wonderful feast with steak, sweet potato fries, salad with cilantro-lime viniagret, some pesto, and wine (sun tea for me). It was wonderful and even more so b/c Joanna took a nap during the grilling process so Kirk and I got to sit outside together listening to the sounds of summer and peaceful humming of the baby monitor. The following recipe is from a friend of my mom’s Linda Ropp who’s daughter was/is one of Anna’s best friends from Kenya.
– 1 small jar soy sauce (I don’t know how much that is, we just put some in)
– 2 T molasses
– 2 T oil
– 2 t dry mustard
– 2 t ginger
– 2 t meat tenderizer
– chopped garlic (I used 1 clove)


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