A Mommy Morning

World Cup Fever

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It’s been an interesting morning already. Woke up at 6:30 to Joanna talking away in her crib (this is pretty typical and a pleasant way to wake up rather than a loud, beeping alarm). Had to pump as I do most mornings which gives me some milk to make Joanna’s breakfast with. Joanna refused to nurse which is a pain b/c my body decided to still try to give her milk which is messy and irritating (sorry guys if that’s to personal). Then Kirk and I went out to kick the soccer ball around a bit. Ohhh, it’s been so long but it’s like my legs were so happy. Joanna on the other hand didn’t like sitting over in the shade. So she got to learn a little bit about soccer while in my arms. Oh well, so much for exercise. Then I had to feed her some breakfast, rice cereal, which she gobbled up. Then on to nurse her, which she spat up all over me. At least I was sitting in the kitchen and it got on the linoleum floor rather than on my bed. Ahhh, once that was cleaned up it was finally time for breakfast with my hubby. Into the Johnny Jump Up with Joanna and on to my role as wife. Well, maybe for a few minutes…is that something brown coming out of Joanna’s shorts? “Sorry Luv, I gotta take care of “the Bean”.” But hey, now she’s sleeping and I have time to chill out at the computer.


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  1. Sounds so familiar – spitting up, throwup, poop – our pastor says often that you couldn’t pay someone enough to be a parent, and yet we do it willingly and with a lot of joy!! Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!

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