Sooo Tired…Sooo Happy

Family Day at the Gardens

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This is how I’ve been feeling pretty much every day for the past couple weeks. I think I’m mostly worn out from staying up late talking with Kirk and from carrying, picking up, playing with, entertaining, etc. Joanna all the time (she’s getting so heavy). I feel so happy even though I’m exhausted. I never really knew what joy motherhood would bring. (Speaking of which, I’d recommend The Joys of Motherhood which takes place in Nigeria and is a good “cultural” read.)

I always knew that when I grew up I wanted to get married and have kids and stay at home. So I was ready to start having kids before Kirk, thankfully it didn’t take him long to catch up. It’s amazing to me when couples don’t have kids just because they don’t want them. It makes me even sadder now that I am experiencing what joy Joanna brings to me, and to Kirk. I love the fact that my days are filled with providing for Joanna, not just food and diaper changes, but experiences and playing. I confess that I don’t think I’m very good at “playing” with her…I tend to get bored and not really know what to do. But I love taking her out places, letting her see the Botanical Gardens and play in the fountains, taking her to the market and looking at all the fruit. I’m glad she can occupy herself too. Her favorite place to play is in the Johnny Jump-Up which is hanging in the kitchen door. It’s great because then I can work in the kitchen. But the best is hearing her talking and singing and of course laughing. Oh, it’s just so wonderful!

Speaking of which, I need to get some work done.

P.S. Her first tooth came in on Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Sooo Tired…Sooo Happy

  1. Loved the pictures on Flikr–glad you and Joanna are wearing clothes in the one in front of the statue…..Can’t wait until July 5th!!! Love, Mom

  2. I’m so glad that you are enjoying motherhood so much. I really love it too, and am so thankful to be able to be home with the girls. I’m so excited to see you guys in a couple weeks!!

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