In Honor of Aunt Meg

megI wanna be like Aunt Meg
“I can’t wait to meet you, Aunt Meg! Mommy tell me I’m like you in some ways.” People seem surprised at how distant my family is from each other. Kirk and I live in St. Louis. My parents live in London. My oldest sister, Rinnie, in Orlando. My brother, Wil, in North Carolina. Meg, in Tanzania. And Anna, in Tennessee. Everyone in my family has met my daughter except Meg, and she won’t get to meet her until Joanna’s about one and a half years old. It makes me tear up and want to cry. But at the same time, I am so happy for Meg to be doing what she’s so good at and loves so much. I suppose this is the life of an MK in a way, family so far apart. It’s strange for me to be on this side of it, the one left in the States. We’re hoping to some day have a big family reunion in Kenya, hopefully at this great place called Turtle Bay. I love my home in St. Louis, but sometimes the African in my wakes up and I long to be back “home” where the weather and the produce is perfect. Well, I sat down at the computer to look at Kirk’s new blog entry and somehow ended up writing this and crying. It’s 9:44 and past my bedtime.


2 thoughts on “In Honor of Aunt Meg

  1. Sara,
    I relate to having a scattered family. My sisters and I dreamed of living side by side when we were grown up. We aimed to raise our children side-by-side.
    Alas, my sisters live much too far away right now and my heart bleeds for them at times.
    I’m sure aunt Meg will be so blessed to see your beautiful daughter when she finally does get to meet her!

  2. I think that the Africa in all of use kids wakes up from time to time and makes us cry. I know if does for me at least. I am soo excited to see you when you come down to Chattanooga. And also, it isnt the same, but I have a ton of pictures of Joanna that I am taking to Tanzania for Meg to see. I wish we weren’t all so spread out either. just think of a life where all of us were in one town. haha, yikes, that would be great. I love you Sarah!!!

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