Botanical Gardens

botanical gardens

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This morning Joanna and I went to the Botanical Gardens with my friend Rachel (a fellow Kenyan) and her daughter, Aissa (two weeks older than Joanna). We had such a great time looking at the glass schulptures, playing in the new playground they just built, and getting wet in the fountains. (Check out our flickr for more pictures.) What a blessing it is to have friends with young children. Now Joanna’s zonked out taking a nap and I’m zonked out from walking around in the sun. I’m supposed to be cleaning the house today but just might have to put it off till tomorrow. I just realized it’s 4:30 and time to get started on dinner. It’s so amazing how fast the day goes by.


3 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens

  1. Joanna is so cute!!! I can’t wait to see her. Is she sitting now? In some of the pictures it looked like she was!

  2. Great pictures on flicker and throughout the blog. I can hardly wait for this month to pass so we can be together. Love, Mom

  3. Wow! The picture of Joanna bundled in blue with her foot jetting out toward the camera is wonderful! I also really liked the close-ups of Aissa and Joanna together. Again…WOW!

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