Six Wierd Things

My sister, Rinnie, tagged me to write six wierd things about myself. Here’s a few I thought of this morning while trying to keep Joanna happy so I could type. I’ll go ahead and tag my sister-in-law, Katie (I don’t know how you ever find the time to keep up your blog with your kids), and my dear friend Sara (who’s about to have her own little one), and Laini (don’t sweat if you don’t get around to it with all the “nesting” you have going on). Oh yea, Mom, tag you too.
1. I love to pick my scabs…or even Kirk’s.
2. I don’t like to wear short skirts (short being anything above the ankle) because I think my legs look funny but I could wear shorts all the time.
3. Like Rinnie, I loved long division and used to make up the longest possible problems to try to work them out.
4. Along the same lines, I loved diagramming sentences in English class. We’d have to make up our own sentences to diagram and everyone in the class but me would make up easy sentences but I’d make up really hard and complicated ones…and then get a worse grade for not putting each word in the right place (I’d like to see someone diagram this run-on sentence).
5. For as long as I can remember I liked making my bed in the morning. But what’s weirder than that is that I married someone who’s more obsessive then me about it. Kirk’ll make the bed right before we get in it just because he doesn’t like getting into an unmade bed!
6. An athlete all through school, I hate running.


3 thoughts on “Six Wierd Things

  1. Sala! I nearly spit all over my computer reading this. The best part was that my favorite of your quarks didn’t even make the list…your glove covered stick-shift.

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