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I feel like I always want to include a photo with each entry. I find that I automatically post pictures of Joanna (which I’m sure my family loves to see). But sometimes I think I need a reminder that Kirk is the most important person in my life, not Joanna. Joanna just happens to be more needy. Kirk and I recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary. It’s so amazing how much can happen in two years and how much you can get to know someone. I love my husband so much and can’t imagine how I could get through life without him.
We got back from a 10 day vacation in Chattanooga which was wonderful. We spent most of the time with the Wards and one night with Wil and Amy Meiners. We got to chill with Anna which was awesome, so fun to see her growing up and so loved by her friends. So awesome to have her love my daughter so much. The Knutsons came up for the weekend and we got to celebrate Eden’s 1st birthday and Josiah was wonderful enough to introduce us to “my friend Grandpa.” I’m thankful for the time to get to know Kirk’s family better, they’re great in-laws to have. We also had time to see some old friends and worship at NCF-Chattanooga. It was great to be back but even greater to realize that we missed home…our home in St. Louis.
Joanna’s growing up so much. She needs to be entertained more and more and notices when I leave the room. I find myself having to hold her a lot more so I’m getting really strong but I get frustrated easily when I can’t do the things I want to do because she needs me. But on the other hand, she’s so much fun to play and laugh with.
Well, the house is a wreck and Joanna may wake up from her nap any minute now so I’m gonna go finished chopping up my califlower.


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  1. Great picture of you guys!! And a late congrats on 2 years of marriage. Glad you had a good time in Chattanooga, and got to see so much family. What was the cauliflower for? Love you guys!!

  2. trying to eat healthier. i find that if i chop up all the veggies and put them in containers right after i buy them we’re more likely to eat them before they sit in the frig and rot (we’re pretty unlikely to eat them by that point). 🙂

  3. Keep loving your husband, it only gets better and better. Great to see the picture of the two of you. Love, Mom

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