CSI- St.Louis

Tuesday morning at 4am police woke us up because both our cars had been broken into. The thieves tried to steal our Honda, but failing to get it started, they took the CD player. It has been annoying to have to deal with insurance, glass replacement, and repairs, but we are thankful that we still have our cars and that we have the means to repair them. The best part was that we got to go to the police station and be fingerprinted for “elimination.”


5 thoughts on “CSI- St.Louis

  1. Love the new pictures on Flickr…you need to use some gel on that girl’s hair!!!!! So sorry about the cars but thankful you still have them. Love, Mom

  2. I’m glad you guys are in such a good mood about it. That Nissan has had too many windows broken. I’m glad the cars are still around for ya. whatta pain. Glad you all are safe. And I love seeing little Jo’s pictures. So pretty!

  3. Man! Sorry about the cars! But how cool to have a real life CSI moment! I love those shows (well, I have never been a fan of CSI NY, but the other two are great)! Hope that you are able to get everything taken care of quickly without much financial hardship.

  4. The pictures of Joanna in the flowers are beautiful – glad it’s finally warm for you. And I’m glad your cars are OK.

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