Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

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Yes, Joanna still has bright blue eyes. The doctor said that it can take up to a year for her eyes to find the color they’re gonna remain. Kirk has brown eyes, I have green so it’s kinda wierd for hers to be blue. I kept waiting and waiting for them to change, but now I’m starting to really love her eyes. They are so beautiful.

On another note, sorry my blog is so behind (the side photos/descriptions are still from February). I have no excuse except that last time I tried to update it I messed up my layout and still haven’t gotten around to fixing it…and it’s so much easier to just play spider solitare when I want to chill at the computer. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blue Eyes

  1. You’re right, Sarah, her eyes are beautiful. I am putting a little package in the mail for her today so be on the lookout for it :-). It’s addressed to “Joanna”. Love, Mom

  2. i still can’t believe you’re a mom. it’s just so weird. those eyes truly are amazing.

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