A Hard Day

My Baby Girl

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I got back last night from a wonderful 4 days in warm and sunny Orlando. I went down to spend time with my oldest sister Rinnie and her three daughters (the third just born last week). My mom was also there as well as my youngest sister, Anna. Rinnie’s husband was gone so it was a household of 8 females and 1 male dog. Joanna did fantastic! She was happy most of the time, ate well most of the time, and slept well. She spread her meal-times out to only every 3 hours and woke up to eat only once two of the nights. I was so impressed. Then on the flight home yesterday and in the middle of the night she threw up on me. She’s been fussy almost all morning, eating every 2 hours, and wants to be held constantly. I think she’s exhausted but having a hard time of falling asleep, maybe it’s too quiet here without her cousins running around and playing. My in-laws are coming up for the weekend for Joanna’s baptism so I’m trying to get ready for that. All I want to do is get things done…all Joanna wants to do is be held. So we both just end up frustrated and crying. It’s so hard to be selfless sometimes. I love my baby girl so much and she’s growing up so fast. We’ve had some great moments these days. She’s had some trouble nursing and will scream and scream, refusing to eat. So I walk and rock her on my shoulder. Yesterday when she was screaming I turned her toward me and she had tears streaming down her face for the first time in her life. How do I comfort her tears when I don’t even know why she’s crying? how can I fix the problem when I don’t know what it is? But then we have other times like earlier this morning when she was laying on the bed talking to me and giggling when I’d hug and kiss her cheeks. I love my job and am so thankful to God for it. I’ve never felt so fulfilled and happy…never felt so clueless.


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  1. Sala,
    Do you need a friend to come hold her while you get things done? If you do, I am at your service. I think it’s amazing that little Joanna welled up her first batch of tears…but yeah, seeing your little girl so unsettled has got to make you ache.

  2. Sarah and Kirk, many congratulations and blessings on the baptism of your daughter, Joanna. I really liked the baptismal gown, by the way; a nice picture of the righteousness of Christ, for whenever she receives or received that 🙂
    Kirk, I did not catch all of worship, but really liked the song written by your father, with the man himself on the keys. Nice.

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