Happy Talk-revised

Happy Talk

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An in depth documentary featuring our daughter has just been released in theaters. NewlyWards has been given the opportunity to give you a preview.

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previous technical problems have been fixed (I hope)


5 thoughts on “Happy Talk-revised

  1. Hey Kirk,
    You need to export that movie as a .wmv or something and upload that file. The Windows Movie Maker file that is linked now will not work for anyone but you since we don’t have the raw video clips that it is looking for.

  2. Good stuff! She is a sweetie. Maybe we can make a baby edition of Flava Twins with Jaron, Joanna, and Kisten’s baby!

  3. thanks ben for the tip.
    Martin needs to get married and procreate so that we could round out that ensemble. Jaron would have to play Frosted Flake and Joanna would have to play Lil’ G. Of course, we would have to enlist Benjamin Mitchel to play Capn’ Crunch. “Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah!”

  4. Can’t wait to see her in real life in a few days!! She sure is cute. Love, Mom

  5. So unfair! How do you make those movies! My movie maker is so unfriendly. I can’t ever use MY music! Cool and really cute!!!

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