MLK Jr. Day

MLK Jr. Day was on a Monday, which is already Kirk’s day off. So he took yesterday off instead. Work’s been a bit stressful lately for him so it was a nice day to relax. We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then spent some time sitting in the living room reading some devotional books while Joanna slept on my lap.
Kirk hung out on the bed playing with Joanna and his guitar while I got some things done around the house. Joanna…well, she got her first kiss.
Chillin with DaddyLesson #1Pacifier
We went for a walk in Forest Park and took some possible “family photos.”
Walk in the Park2Walk in the ParkFamily Photo BFamily Photo
Sooo…which picture do you think is better?


5 thoughts on “MLK Jr. Day

  1. Uh…MLK Jr. Day was observed LAST Monday (the 16th). Maybe holidays are different in St. Louis….
    Love the pictures. Your daughter really is the cutest little girl. I vote for picture #2 – you guys look more happy and less posed.

  2. yeah…we’re a little slow here. kirk keeps missing getting holidays because it seems like they’re all on mondays. anyhow, a week late is better than not at all. thanks for voting! i agree with you.

  3. A wonderful and relaxing set of pix. It’s good to see Kirk has two wonderful girls to distract him from the trial of life. Sarah, Beth says you can’t take a bad picture!

  4. I’d go with picture #2 just ’cause you look a little more relaxed–just wish there wasn’t a shadow.
    What a fun day you had!!!! Joanna is growing so much. Are her eyes blue????? Love, Mom

  5. i’m going to have to go with katie on this one. i like the first picture because there are no shadows. you guys look great. i’m so sad i’m missing out on this part of your life kabisa. thanks for updating your blog

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